Elevate your values nominations

Up-level your current appreciation program, boost team morale and save time with an automated, monthly nomination platform.

Ignite peer to peer nominations

Disco's crowdsourced nominations platform saves time and lets employees drive the nominations process.

Results are shared with admins.

Automate your process

Setup is simple and customizable. Select a channel to participate in the nominations program.

Disco reminds employees when it's time to nominate and gathers submissions for each company value.

Streamlined results

Discover top nominees with easily accessible admin dashboards and reporting.

Export all nominations to uncover more culture stories.

More Features

Customizable program

  • Set nominations program to monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • Customize the program name.
  • Toggle reminders and results on or off.

Team-level nominations

  • Setup multiple nomination programs.
  • Nominate for team-level values based on user group.
  • Team-level dashboards and reporting.

Nominate in Slack, Teams, or on the web

  • Nominate peers without leaving Slack or Microsoft Teams.
  • Web nomination support for executives.
  • Nominate for each value and save your progress.