Make rewards fun again with raffles

Employees earn entries by giving or receiving kudos into monthly raffles to win custom prizes. Drawn automatically each month.

Winning prizes should be fun. Not expensive.

Configure your raffle to decide who is eligible, what prizes can be selected, and where winners are announced.

Employees pick their prize

Winners get notified and can select from available prizes via direct message.

Fulfillment dashboard

Admins are notified of who wins and what prizes they select.

Fulfill prizes in a few clicks on the Disco dashboard.

More features

Recognition dashboard

  • Analyze company values adoption over time.
  • Drill down to see team-level engagement.
  • Export engagement data.

Custom compliments

  • Send private, custom compliments to coworkers.
  • Nudge employees to participate.
  • Tag compliments with company values.

Aggregate & broadcast kudos

  • Automatically forward kudos to a default channel.
  • All employees can upvote from the default channel.
  • Broadcast to office displays and HRIS.