Promote values driven work daily

Foster team appreciation, and build engagement around company culture.

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Build your culture around your values

Disco is integrated into Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts Chat workflows, making recognition part of the conversation.
RecognizeCelebrate values-driven work and foster daily employee recognitionWhat's included…
🤩 Kudos & values tagging
📊 Appreciation dashboard

📺 Broadcast to TVs & channels
🎁 Raffles & rewards
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Streamline and crowdsource company nominations to uncover next-level culture achievements.What's included…
📝 Values-based nominations
🚨 Automated employee reminders
📊 Results dashboard

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Measure and act on culture in real-time across 10 key employee engagement drivers.What's included…
🌡️ Weekly pulse survey
📊 Pulse survey dashboard

✍️ Configurable questions
🗂️ Compliment cards
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Trusted by companies you know & love

“Disco helped us scale our culture and understand which values our employees cared about."
Zoe Silverman
“It's remarkable how easy it is for employees to celebrate eachother with Disco. It's right where they work.”
Stephen Spears
SAP SuccessFactors
“Disco was a key part in helping us grow our team and culture. Celebrating small wins led to bigger and bigger wins.”
Maria Arrington

See Disco in action

Scaling culture at Wizeline
See how Wizeline made it easy for employees to see and celebrate their culture and values using Disco.

Proven for teams of all sizes

Connect and align your growing company.

Disco helps startups establish and socialize their culture to fuel unprecedented growth.

Build trust and culture on your department or team.

Create strong bonds within your team to improve appreciation, retention, and engagement.

Trusted by global companies to align distributed teams.

Energize your company around the values and culture to achieve your goals.

Celebrate your people

Our mission is to connect employees to the company values and culture, daily.
🏆 Disco is an essential Slack➚ and Microsoft Teams➚ app